Welcome to SouthWest Judo Academy

Established in 2005, SouthWest Judo Academy is one of Western Australia's premier judo clubs. SouthWest offers beginner, junior and senior classes as well as dedicated Kata and Randori sessions. So whether you are just beginning your judo for fun and fitness, or you are pursuing a competitive career, then our Dojo may be for you.

2017 SouthWest Judo Monstars and Beginners Tournament (Sunday, 3rd of December)

To promote participation by new judoka, this is a beginners tournament open only to belts up to and including full-orange belt.

Whilst this is a beginners tournament, entry is not limited to only Monstars (those aged less than 9 years old). Judoka of all ages are welcome.

Ready for your next belt?

Our next grading will be Saturday, 25th November.

Grading Times
10:30am     White and White-Yellow belts going for Yellow
11.00am     Yellow and Yellow-Orange belts going for Orange
11:30am     Orange and Orange-Green belts going for Green
12.00noon   Green and above

Fees (Paid on the Day)
$25 for Grading
$15 for a New Belt